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A Fake Proposal



Letter of Transmittal

Schuyler McCurdy

Kaplan University Student

8359 Centenary Drive

Camby Indiana 46113


Attention: *********



Camby Indiana 46113


Dear Mrs. ***:

Herein is a proposal for a rape prevention program for the Heartland Crossing Area. The rape risk in Heartland Crossing is higher than average and due to the family orientation of the community it is important that there is a program that can provide resources for victims and that tries to curb the problem.

Heartland Crossing is a family community and is a large part of the Camby area where the rape risk is higher. Not two miles from here a schoolteacher was raped over the Christmas season while early morning jogging and this raise concerns about the proper safety precautions people are taking. A workshop with a speaker followed by weekly canvassing of the community in order to raise awareness for less active community members will be pillars in this program in order to raise awareness and prevention. A program such as the one proposed would be beneficial in educating the community on safety precautions and creating an educated community who can be a support for victims. The price is minimal while the majority of the support for this program will be concerned residents.

A few community members have already offered their assistance and are excited about seeing such a program in the community. I am also excited to be a part of this program. No one wants to see the community become a place where the scourge of rape is ignored. A positive benefit for this community taking on this will be an image to potential home buyers that this is a community who cares about all of its members and will also make this a community where people will think twice before committing such a heinous act.

If there are any question about this proposal or the program, do not hesitate to contact me at 317-****-8*60 or through e-mail at


Schuyler McCurdy



Executive Summary

Rape is an international crisis. Women and men are affected all over the world, this country, and even in our own community. According to CLR search, a home review service for homebuyers, the rape risk in Camby Indiana is 46% higher than the average (CLR Search, 2010). In order to ensure a safe community for all its members it is proposed that a rape prevention program be started for the Heartland Crossing Community.  There are several organizations that work to help victims and make communities safer. Some are on the local and state levels while other work on the national level. One organization in particular is known as the Rape Assistance and Awareness program that uses what is known as a canvass program where volunteers go door to door during the week educating neighbors about sexual assault while soliciting support (Rape Assistance and Awareness Program, 2011). The program proposed will not be soliciting monetary support but will involve three steps, gathering support from the community and inviting them to a workshop, holding a workshop with a guest speaker, and finally a group of volunteers to perform community canvasses once a week.

Initially, there will need to be a workshop that informs and mobilizes community members about sexual assault in order to get canvass program volunteers. The workshop will include a guest speaker from the Indiana Coalition against Sexual Assault and activities that engage community members for the canvass program. The cost and material needed for this program include the use of the community center, $229 for the flyers, and $100 for materials for activities at the workshop.  The canvass program will be fully volunteer supported and will seek only to engage members of the community in sexual assault prevention and awareness.

Programs such as the one proposed have changed communities for the better from the RAAP program in Colorado that started the Canvass program to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest Network that provides national hotlines for those affected by sexual assault. While the proposal herein is not as in depth as the ones mentioned, this program will connect the community to these programs and local ones like the Indiana Coalition against Sexual Assault, who provide support to communities who want to deal with the problem of sexual assault and rape. Furthermore, this program will create the opportunity for community members to make this a safe place to live, and will work ensuring their own investment in the community is not wasted but provides a home for them and their families for years to come.









It is proposed that Heartland Crossing implement a Sexual Assault and Prevention Program. The need and plan for such a program are explained herein.  That sexual assault is an international problem is common knowledge, even though the world has made great strides in de-stigmatizing the victims, bringing perpetrators to justice, and curbing the problem.  Nevertheless, sexual assault is an acquaintance crime in that most of the victims knew their attackers and hence are less likely to report it, which makes this a problem that needs a different solution from property crimes, which the neighborhood watch has helped to bring down. According to the Indiana Coalition against Sexual Assault Rape Brochure (2011), “Over 70% of victims know the rapist” and “less than 1/3 of all rapes and sexual assaults are reported”.  This requires the community to do more than just watch each other’s back, but due to sexual assaults subtle nature, prevention will require a community that is educated in providing victim resources, being an open and caring community, and understanding the sensitive nature of a sexual assault victim. This program has three levels; making the community aware of the problem and inviting them to an educational workshop through flyers, holding a workshop that will educate the community about sexual assault, and community canvassing in order to educate and mobilize less active community members in the rape prevention process.


Rape is a problem that affects the victim, the family, and the community. It causes lifelong trauma for the victims, strain on family’s relationships, and communities become places where people do not desire to live when the problem is ignored and not taken care of.  According to CLR search, a community review website for prospective homebuyers, Camby, Indiana has a rape risk that is 43% higher than the average (CLR Search, 2010). This is not good for Heartland Crossing’s image.  To break the problem down in national statistics, 1 out of 6 women in this country at one time has been a victim of rape or attempted rape (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, 2011).  With the high chances for rape being present anywhere and the higher than average risk in Camby, Indiana it is very important that some kind of program be enacted in the community to decrease the chances of rape and create a community that can be there for the victims. Below is a description of the crime rate in Camby:

Figure 1. Crime indexes. Note. From CLR search. Retrieved from



Project Description

This project will include three levels each one building to the last. The first level of the program will be to create informational brochures or flyers for the community that provides resources for victims and concerned members of the community. The second level will involve a workshop where the community can educate themselves in sexual assault awareness and prevention. Third and last, interested community members will be invited to take part in a weekly community canvass. This project is modeled after a program of the same name in Denver, Colorado where concerned members of the community go through the neighborhood offering education and resources about sexual assault awareness and prevention.


The first step will be key in creating interest in the program. These flyers need to be a page long and include phone numbers to national and local crisis hotlines. Along with this, the flyers will include information about the higher than average rape risk in Camby, Indiana and the risks nationally. These flyers are not meant to scare the community but allow them to make informed decisions. Another use for these flyers will be to invite community members to a sexual assault awareness and prevention workshop.


            A rape awareness workshop will be a great first step in curbing the problem in the community.  It creates an environment where a large group of people who live and work close to one another can become informed and engaged. A workshop creates passion for self-directed fact finding, mobilization to improve the community, and is a platform for a call to action. This workshop will include a guest speaker and activities that have been used by other programs that get people thinking about sexual assault and what they can do about.

 Guest Speaker

The guest speaker will be provided by the Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault. The INCASA is a state organization that provides resources for communities, professionals, and victims (INCASA, 2010).  This program has offered to provide a speaker to help create interest and provide education assistance. The speaker is dependent on the community’s probable involvement and participation.  It is advised that the workshop include a sign-up sheet in order to show interest to the INCASA.


Planned activities for the workshop will be taken from the Men Stopping Rape Program. These activities include sentence completion, where attendees read short incomplete sentences that get conversations going about false opinions and beliefs that can either encourage or discourage rape risk; the appropriate game, which involves note card that have an action that participants can vocalize if they believe it is appropriate or not; and finally role playing, which will supplement the appropriate game in getting people to think about what is and is not appropriate (Dave Kosson, 2005).

Concluding the Workshop

To conclude the workshop, the community will be encouraged to take a look at the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network website along with an invitation to sign up for the community canvassing. Many of the community members may feel unsure about going door to door and educating their neighbors about sexual assault, but what they have learned through the activities they have participated in, and the local and national statistics is all that the program will ask participants to share. The purpose of this goes beyond just a flyer that someone may or may not keep, but ensures the community realizes that this is a problem and there are resources to stop it.

Community Canvass

 The Community Canvass will meet initially on September 4, 2011 at the community park where a speech will be given to thank the members of the community for coming and to inform them of what they will be sharing with their neighbors.  This sharing includes that the risk in Camby for rape is higher, but that it is also too high nationally, and that resources exists for community members to take advantage of. Resources shared will include the Indiana Coalition against Sexual Assault website, national and local crisis hotlines, and the weekly meetings where interested community members will continue to meet.

Weekly Meetings

The weekly meetings will take part on the interested members own time and at different members houses. This will be a time where devoted members can discuss and plan for their next steps in making Heartland Crossing a safer community. This part of the project will not need any help from the Homeowners Association, but from time to time may submit additional proposals for projects and resource sharing.

Below is a project schedule:


Task Dates
Obtain pamphlets and materials for workshop August 11, 2011
Collect signature of support for Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault Aug 12, 2011
Distribute Flyers Aug 15-19, 2011
Present Workshop Aug 27-28, 2011
Initial Community Canvass September 4, 2011



The budget for this program is minimal. The only aspect that will cost money is the flyers and the materials needed for the workshop, totaling 329.95. According to the Staples website 500 flyer copies can be made at $45.99 per 100. This equals out to 229.95. The last 100 dollars will be used for note cards and pencils for the workshop. It is also proposed that the community center be utilized for the initial workshop. More workshops are desired but these will be held at resident’s homes. The real resources for this project will be the volunteers from the community who take part in the workshop and the community canvass. A speaker from the Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault has been offered, but it is tentative on showing desire by the community for the speaker to show up. To provide evidence of this desire it is planned for a few volunteers to go around the neighborhood and obtain signatures of those promising to come to the workshop. Below is a table of needed resources:

Items Price
Flyers $229.50
Materials for the workshop, note cards, paper, pencils $100
Use of Community Center  



            The benefits of this project include that, it is community and professional based, and not just a program ran by the state, and that it is a program focused on education as key to prevention. According to Nicole P.Yuan from the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health (2006) programs that are community based are more responsive to the needs of that community. While State and County programs exist, the Heartland Crossing Community is suffering from a disproportionate rape risk compared to neighboring communities. Furthermore, education programs have shown a desire for a change in behavior by men that are exposed to rape awareness programs (Foubert,J & Cowell,C.A, 2004). While programs such as the neighborhood watch exist and are effective against property crime, violent crimes often happen in the home or at a gathering, and so being able to change people through education is one of the most effective means of prevention. Finally, in consequence of having an active rape prevention program along with the neighborhood watch, the community will benefit from attracting thoughtful homebuyers who will help care for and grow the community. Not so if the community seems apathetic to its own problems. An effect of ignoring this problem includes the chance of crime increase, crime in the area becoming public knowledge, and consequently, decreasing home values.


Schuyler McCurdy (Project Leader): Schuyler McCurdy has researched the problem of Sexual Assault for this area for the past 9 weeks. He has also been actively involved in researching and planning solutions. He has been in contact with state organizations researching resources and community members gathering support.

**********: A local resident who has been made aware of this problem and desires to volunteer for handing out flyers and aiding in organizing a workshop.

*********: Another resident in the community who wants to hold meetings in her house for the weekly rape prevention program.

Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault: A state program here in Indiana who is excited that community wants to take part in stopping rape. The organization has offered to provide a speaker for the workshop and tentative continued support.  They have been active in stopping rape in Indiana since 1986 and they exist by their own admission to provide support to all levels of the community in stopping rape.



            In conclusion a rape prevention and awareness program is necessary for this community. With a higher than averages risk in the community, it behooves the Homeowners Association President to provide assistance in implementing this program. Programs such as proposed have helped communities heal and brought them together. The desire is here in the community as can be seen by the many programs members take part of already, and the cost is minimal compared to the benefits. In addition, education has been shown to be one of the most effective means for prevention and the proposed program provides resources while also creating the ability for communities to educate themselves. This project will reinvigorate community pride and provide a place where community members feel safe. If this program will stop one person from getting raped it will have served its purpose. Finally, this is a project based on techniques that have worked for other communities and it will work for this one.









CLR. (2010). Retrieved from            Crime-Rate

Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault. (2011). Rape. Retrieved from

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Working Annotated Bibliography

Who are the victims. (n.d).Retrieved from assault-victims

This webpage provides statistics for sexual assault cases, a breakdown of the victim demographics, and the results of being a sexual assault victim. This page originates from a national rape prevention and awareness website and appears very reliable. The page also provides references for all of the statistics used. This page is very pertinent for my project because it contains information that will send home the seriousness of sexual assault. It also contains statistics that shows how likely any woman is to be sexually assaulted.

Acquaintance rape prevention. (2004). Retrieved from             PreventionAcquaintanceRape.htm

This page offers several tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of sexual assault by an acquaintance. Furthermore, it offers common sense advice on dating, advance planning, and communicating all in order to avoid rape. This website is offered by the Butler Rape Crisis Center in Ohio and offers tips and statistics that overlap with my other research. This and the fact it comes from a county program tell me it is reliable. This information can be very easily integrated into the proposed project as a source of helpful advice and more statistics. The information can also aid me in presenting information on why rape happens.

Peer education workshops. (n.d). Retrieved from        files/resources/PeerEd.pdf

This website provides information about setting up a peer education workshop. It includes activities and tips for any kind of workshop that has been used by an effective organization.  This organization behind this resource boasts creating over 850 school clubs and winning several lawsuits for gay rights. The information is pertinent for my proposal in that it can be used to present effective workshop leading techniques. Information from this article will be used to present what has worked in the past for an effective workshop.

Sexual violence and prevention education program. (2011). Retrieved from http://   

This is a PDF file from the Arizona Department of Health for an educational presentation. It contain information on sexual assault in general, multipronged approaches to prevention, and information about why statistics may vary. This information is provided by a state organization  which demands by its nature credibility. It also overlaps with much of my research and is very current. The information on this page will be used for background information on what states have done to curb sexual assault. The information is also useful for communicating why statistics vary.

Kosson, D. (2005, Nov) Men stopping rape exercises. Conflict Management in Higher Education Report. 6(1). Retrieved from http://www.campus- stopping_rape.html

This article contains several exercises in order to get workshop participants communicating about rape and sexual assault. Theses exercise include games, confidential thought sharing, and themed discussions. This information originally comes from Wayne State University and has been used in workshops dealing with rape prevention before. This list is a compilation that was used in a Syracuse training program. These exercises can be presented along with the exercises I found on the gay straight alliance network in order to communicate what has been used in other places to curb sexual assault. These exercises will also be used as part of the proposed project.


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